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All ZED Automation Door Installations are fully complaint to IS EN 16005

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ZED Automation Low Energy and Heavy Duty Automatic Swing Doors

Ditec Automatic Swing Door Suppliers
  • As suppliers of both fully Automatic Swing Doors as well as suppliers of Low Energy automatic swing doors, the standard ZED Automation Automatic Swing door operator combines the functionality of a conventional door closer with the convenience of an automatic swing door operator.
  • The automatic swing door operator has been engineered and designed especially to provide convenient, quick, safe and easy access for persons with a disability, the elderly as well as parents with children.
  • A Low Cost Low Energy domestic automatic swing door operator version is available to suit all types of domestic and residential swing doors.

Note: All ZED Automation Swing Door Operators are fully complaint to IS EN 16005

The Standard features of the ZED Automation Automatic Swing Door Operator include:

  • Speed Controlled Opening and Closing
    • Ensures that the movement of the door at all times is under the control of the Operator which prevents wind sheer and high energy movements.
  • Manual override function
    • In the event of a power failure the Automatic Door Operator, behaves as a conventional door closer allowing manual closing.
Automatic Swing Door Suppliers
  • The Automatic Swing Door Operator can be activated by a radar sensor, push pad, remote control or any security access control system.
  • Designed to be fitted in areas with limited space as its sleek design will not occupy a large area.
  • Selective movement direction
    • Opening toward the inside or outside (push or pull), with smooth travel in both directions.
  • Automatic Safety Reverse
    • The automatic swing door operator has been designed so that the door automatically stops as soon as it meets any obstruction, and then closes on expiry of the hold-open time.
  • Adjustable Hold Open Time
    • The standard Hold-open time is freely selectable up to 30 seconds. Additional hold-open functions all fixed preset times of up to 5 minutes.
  • Security Self-locking functionality
    • Current is produced at the same time that the doors close, which will make the optional electro lock engage itself automatically.
  • Bank and High Security Interlocking Functions Available as Standard
    • Synchronised Interlock features specifically designed to facilitate the operation of interlocking security doors for use in banks or other high security sites.
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Automatic Swing Door Operator Models

Ditec Entrematic DAB205 - 400kg Fire Rated

GEZE EMDF - 230kg Fire Rated

Ditec Entrematic DAB105 - 200Kg Fire Rated

Ditec Entrematic Sprint - 100Kg Low Energy