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ZED Automation Automatic Doors have a comprehensive range of Automatic Door building access and internal use solutions for persons who have a Disability, aged, infirm or wheelchair bound to suit all our customers' needs.

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The Disability Acts both in Ireland and the United Kingdom have moved a long way to ensuring that persons, who have a Disability, the aged, infirm or wheelchair users have independent access to buildings and movement within buildings.

The Disability Act 2005 in Ireland and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) in the United Kingdom call for buildings to provide for independent and unhindered access and internal usability by all persons with a disability.

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The recent changes in legislation in Ireland with the Introduction of the Disability Access Certificate (DAC) system, whereby the local building control authority must confirm that the design of a proposed new commercial building or new apartment block complies with Part M of the Building Regulations (Access and facilities for disabled people), before development work commences, and the Enhancements in Part M of the Building Regulations (Access and facilities for disabled people) whereby adequate provision shall be made to enable people with disabilities to safely and independently access a public service building and use internal facilities within the building, effective from 1st July 2010 for all new and modified buildings.

We will assist in ensuring that access issues are properly addressed at the design stage for new buildings or when plans are being drawn up for extensions or modifications to existing buildings.

We can Automate your existing entrance and internal doors or utilising our experience as an Entrance Systems solution provider, we can design and install a new entrance system customised to your individual requirements.

At ZED Automation we pride ourselves in giving each customer a purpose built regulation-compliant Entrance Systems package that will exceed their expectations.

We have a full range of Automatic Sliding door operators as well as both Standard Automatic Swing door operators and Low Energy Automatic Swing door operators for internal door use. ZED Automation solutions help ensure that persons who have a Disability, are aged, infirm or wheelchair users have unhindered independent access to buildings and within buildings.

ZED Automation Automatic Door operators are available in a wide variety of installations options to suit our customers operating and security needs, from Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic operation through to access control solutions utilising keypads, fobs, swipe cards or any other system that our customers may wish to use.

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